Interview with newspaper “Het Parool”

Here is an interview that journalist Jim Jansen of the newspaper Het Parool had with me. He wanted to know how scientists spend their Summer holiday. It is in Dutch though, but I added a translation in English.


Het Parool, Saturday 21 august 2016

Vacation on the weekends

Jim Jansen, Amsterdam

How do scientist spend their Summer? In their lab, or on the beach? Independent vision scientist Stijn Oomes (49) does research on 3D vision. His work continues throughout the Summer in his office at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam.

“I am an independent scientist who funds his own research. The reason for this is simple. I became a scientist because I love the research, and I think it is important. I had a position at TU Delft but the majority of my time I spend on teaching and meetings. I hardly had time for my research. I could not stand it anymore and needed more space. Now I have total freedom.

In contrast with some colleagues I do not need a large particle accelerator or other expensive equipment. Here in my office at the Marineterrein, I only need pen & paper, and a computer & camera that I can program. My research is on how we see, especially how we see in 3D. Over the past 6 years, I have developed a mathematical theory and implemented it in software that allows computers to see in 3D.

At this moment I am collaborating with two students from The App Academy to build this technology into an app. We are commissioned by a large retail chain that wants to expand their app with augmented reality. If the client is happy with the result, there might be a follow up.

I have always had a fascination for the phenomenon of vision. During the research for my PhD, I started being interested in 3D visual perception.

Of course there are also times that I don’t work this Summer. I don’t code on the weekend. I go hiking, or hang out with friends. That does not mean that I am not doing research. 3D vision is always on my mind.”

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