3D Vision Workshop


Learn to create 3D Vision apps in 1 day

Join me for a 1-day workshop on my 3D vision technology for iOS apps in Amsterdam.

You will learn the concepts behind a novel approach to 3D computer vision and get some hands-on experience with a novel iOS framework called Tripod.

Where and when?

On the first Saturday of the month at an easy to reach location in Amsterdam.

  • hopefully sometime in 2021…

Who can attend?

A maximum of 10 Swift / iOS app developers can attend each workshop. You have to bring your own MacBook and iOS device.

You need some experience in developing apps for iOS since we have no time to go over the basics. It is also recommended that you have programmed in Swift before.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to include 3D vision technology in your apps using the Tripod framework.

Topics will include:

  • human visual perception in 3D
  • 3D computer vision
  • basic geometry using rational trigonometry
  • my novel theory of 3D vision
  • relevant iOS frameworks
  • my novel 3D vision framework
  • 3D vision applications
  • comparison of your app results with measurements with tape measure & protractor

How will you learn?

I will start with a general introduction that will make you familiar with the fundamental concepts.

The rest of the day you will go through multiple topics very intensively: 10 min introductions followed by 50 min hands-on tutorials.

What are participants saying?

“The workshop was very informative as well as fun to participate. The documentation about the framework was very easy to follow. Can’t wait to be participate in Stijn’s next workshop to learn more about his computer vision innovation!!”, Fehim Hatipoglu, AI Developer at Nine Connections.

“It was a very entertaining workshop. I had a great time! Looking forward to Tripod.framework version 1.0 :)”, Sidharth Juyal, iOS Developer at Picnic.

Who will teach?

Me. I am a vision scientist and software engineer. Presently I am teaching software engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, formerly at Delft University of Technology. Some years ago I was an iOS app development trainer at Big Nerd Ranch and at The App Academy.

I am the creator of a novel theory of 3D vision and the creator of Tripod, a framework for 3D vision written in Swift.

What does it cost?

Participants pay € 500  (incl. VAT), including slides, tutorials, and sample projects.

Where can you sign up?

You can go to the Contact page and send me a message.